Are you ready to become a Hope Hero?

A Hope Hero is an ordinary person who courageously puts aside their own personal discomfort with grief. Armed with empathy and compassion, they choose to hear, see, and love a grieving soul.

Welcome Here! I'm Shirley Thiessen

Since losing my 23-year-old son in 2012, I’ve been immersed in the gruelling education of grief. I didn’t think I could ever reconcile to my traumatic loss and find a meaningful purpose for my pain.

But I did. And it’s more than possible for you, too.

What makes it possible?

I discovered God’s life-giving gift of caring grief companions – Hope Heroes.

Every one of us needs a Hope Hero for our grief journey. And we all need to be equipped as compassionate Hope Heroes for others. Hope is meant to be shared.

Throughout the Hope Heroes Course, I have the honor of being your host and grief mentor.

Shirley Thiessen, Grief Coach

The Hope Heroes Course

Everyone deserves access to a hope-filled grief education.

Hope Heroes: A Framework for Sharing Hope with the Brokenhearted equips you with everything you need to help ease the burden of your loss and be equipped as a caring grief companion for others.

In this course, you'll receive 2 hours of candid & vulnerable content from me. There will be printable notes highlighting coping and companioning skills.

You'll also get printable PDFS with thought-provoking questions for you to share your thoughts.

Here's what you can expect to learn

  • 1

    Why Do We Need Hope Heroes?

    • Module 1: Hope Heroes Introduction

    • Download Module 1 Handout

    • Download Module 1 Q&A

  • 2

    Listen - The Lost Art

    • Module 2: Listen

    • Download Module 2 Handout

    • Download Module 2 Q&A

  • 3

    Acknowledge - The Caring Validation

    • Module 3: Acknowledge

    • Download Module 3 Handout - Suggested Things to Say

    • Download Module 3 Handout - No! Please Don't Say It

    • Download Module 3 Q&A

  • 4

    Pray - Advocate for the Brokenhearted

    • Module 4: Pray

    • Download Module 4 Handout

    • Download Module 4 Q&A

  • 5

    Patiently be Present - The Refusal to Rush

    • Module 5: Patiently Be Present

    • Download Module 5 Handout

    • Download Module 5 Q&A

  • 6

    Wrap Up

    • Your Thoughts About The Course

    • Congrats! You have completed the course.


By enrolling in this course, you’ll get access to a private FB community of Hope Heroes

  • Learn From Others

    Ask questions in the community and read other members' stories

  • Share Your Experiences

    This is an opportunity to share what you learned from the course

  • Get Accountability Support

    Share the actions you're going to take to become a Hope Hero

Reflections from a Participant

Pastor Ed Fontaine

Become a Hope Hero Today!

The brokenhearted ask, "Where is God when it hurts?" Most often, God's plan is to care for the grieving through us.

Still Have Questions?

  • Who is this course for?

    The person grieving a devastating loss. The friend of the griever who is uncertain how to respond.

  • Why is this course a worthy purchase?

    Grief is a common human experience yet rarely discussed. Rather than a grief ambush, let's choose to prepare for the inevitable.



I loved the course!

Kim Nordmark - Bereaved Mom, Grief Support Group Facilitator

“Tons of great ideas, things to ponder and helpful information. Anyone that takes this course will feel it is worth it.”

Shirley has a welcoming tone.

Rev. Vahen King - Author, International Speaker, Founder of

"With her welcoming tone, Shirley makes the course participant feel relaxed as she unpacks the tough topic of grief. We all need to lean into the discomfort and educate ourselves about grief and loss. The mental health of someone close to you might depend on it."

Agent of Hope!

Shauna Caldwell - Business owner/Bereaved Parent

Sharing vulnerably, Shirley provided meaningful insights about navigating through grief. The Hope Heroes course has effectively equipped me to be a compassionate “agent of hope” for others who are struggling with the despair of loss.

Full of practical help!

Rev. Ray Matheson - Congregational Compassion and Care Pastor, FAC Calgary

The Hope Heroes course is full of practical help for caring for a grieving friend. It is presented in a winsome, engaging manner.

Well researched and comprehensive!

Withfield Richmond - Rev., Marriage Counsellor and Certified Traumatologist

"Hope Heroes is a well researched and comprehensive presentation for helping to prepare oneself for the onslaught of grief and as a necessary tool for helping others to feel less alone in their time of grief. This programme is for everyone."